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About Visitors

Visitors is the solution to help employee invite visitors, manage visitor checkins and maintain security compliances.

The benefits of Visitors include:

  • Streamline the process of inviting and registering visitors.
  • Collect relevant information from visitors based on their visit purposes.
  • Reduce front desk cluttering by visitor self-service and fast check in.
  • Maintain visitor logs for audits and compliances.

Key Features of Visitors

  • Pre-registration:Visitors can register themselves with questionnaire customized for their visitor types.

  • Host Notifications: Host employees are notified via Email, SMS, APP Push Notifications or other communication tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams when visitor checks in.

  • Security: configure various levels of security check, including digital document signing, signature capturing, face photo capturing, visitor information collection, blacklist and watchlist. Integrates with access controller system to restrict visitors' physical access inside office.

  • Visitor logs: Keep and export visitor logs for compliances.

Does Visitors require hardware?

Although not required, Visitors is best used with front-desk Visitor tablet which can help visitors check in and register themselves. Visitor tablet also supports accessories such as Label Printer, IC Card reader etc that makes self registration seamless and secure.

Best to have hardware

  • Android Tablet (Android 7.1 and above): Used for installing Visitor app to allow visitors to sign in themselves at front desk. A 10.1" or larger size Android tablet is recommended.

Other optional hardware