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Analytics offers rich analysis of reservation and occupancy so we can get first-hand data on how space and resources are used, gain insights on employees' preferences and make informed decisions on improving space efficiency.

To view room analytics:

  1. Go to "Rooms" > "Analytics"
  2. Select Reservation or Occupancy tab to view trends and graphs


Occupancy data is only available when Occupancy Sensors are installed.

Occupancy Analytics


Occupancy analytics requires Occupancy Sensors to provide data.


Reservation vs Occupancy

This is a very useful high-level analysis on how rooms are used and the relationship between booking and actual usage. Our analysis gives suggestions on how you may improve room usage and efficiency based on this data.

Reservation Analytics

Select date range or individual rooms to view data in specified time range and areas. By default, all rooms data during last month is presented.

Reservations By Hour

Reservation Rate

How often are rooms reserved during last 30 days. By industry average, a usage rate of 40-70% is good. If lower than 40%, it could mean you have more rooms than needed. Or your employees are not used to booking yet (Use our Occupancy Sensor to find out if they're actually using rooms). If higher than 70%, it could mean there are some room shortage and sometimes employees have a difficult time to find a suitable room for meetings. Adding more rooms is suggested in this case.

You can slice and dice usage rage based on room size. So you know which size room is in high demand.

You can also view reservation rate for each individual room.

Reservations Density

Reservation Density shows the frequency of reservations on each hour of each week day. The darker the slot, the higher frequency it is booked. It intuitively shows the peak hours of room booking, so we can suggest employees to choose other meeting times if needed.

Reservations by Department

Displays the department whose employees book rooms most and least, so we can be prepared to handle requests from the departments and adjust resources using room booking policies.


See how to set up room booking policies to specific departments to avoid imbalanced booking across departments.