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Flexible Desk Booking

Desk Booking is the solution to manage desk resources in workplace. Desks includes layouting, assigning, booking desks and analyzing desk usage. It is the comprehensive solution to manage every desk in office, enable Hybrid Work schedules and optimize space usage.

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Key Features

Desk Booking is a powerful yet simple solution, thanks to the intuitive floor mapping technologies and flexible configuration options. Using a drag-and-drop floor map, it is never easier to manage desks and view how desks are used. The key features of Desks include:

  1. Use Floor Map Editor to layout desks, assign desks to employees, and allow employees to book desks on a visual map.
  2. Desk groups make managing desk properties and policies easy
  3. Desk reservations allow many options and settings, including hoteling and hot desks, full-day, half-day and by time booking.
  4. Desk can be assigned to departments and collaboratively managed by department admins.