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What is WOX

We are glad you are interested in WOX! WOX is the management platform for flexible, hybrid workplace of the future! WOX uses latest technologies to help companies and employees book desks and rooms, invite visitors, manage energy efficiencies and more.

WOX is commited to be the best workplace management platform so you can focus on your work and achieve more.

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What can WOX do?

WOX is a full workplace management platform. As long as you have an office, you may want to use WOX to help you improve employee experience, reduce energy consumption, and manage everyday booking.

WOX has many functionalities, which are called Modules. Each module is a relatively standalone application, such as Desk Booking, Meeting Room Booking, Visitor Management etc. Modules can be mixed and matched or working alone.

WOX uses latest smart hardware technologies and software to power the smart office of the future. Hardware is usually optional, but having them reduces a lot of manual work and improves the smartness a lot.

Why WOX?

If you are looking for a tool that helps you manage the Hybrid workplace that is becoming more and more adopted and future oriented, you want to take a look at WOX. WOX is a complete solution to modern workplace management:

  1. WOX has a complete set of modules on a single platform to make office management easier. Desks, Rooms, and Visitors are most frequently needed modules, but there are also many other modules and more are in development.

  2. WOX is a flexible Software-as-a-service platform that brings a lot of options and integrations out-of-box. Rules and Policies, Smart Automations and Integrations are some of native functionalities that brings you up to speed quickly.

  3. WOX is always evolving with client needs and technology advancement. Using latest technologies such as IoT, VR/AR, Metaverse etc, the future of workplace is never so close to us.

Hope now you have a good idea of what WOX is now and how it could help you. Let's move on to see how to use WOX.


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