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Meeting Room Booking

Rooms is the easiest solution to allow employees to find, book, extend and cancel meeting and collaboration rooms. Meetings are an important part of everyday work. While tools like Microsoft Outlook, Zoom solve problems like organizing a meeting or online video conferencing, booking a physical room is always a challenge. Rooms is a flexible and powerful application that makes this task as easy as possible, and can do much more.

Room Booking Features

Rooms manages the entire meeting lifecycle. It has many configurable features that make booking more efficient but keep your rules in effect:

  • Book everywhere: Employees can view and book meeting rooms from web portal, mobile app, Smart Meeting Room Display, Microsoft Outlook, Kiosk and more.

  • Occupancy Detection: If Occupancy Sensors are installed, booking can be automatically created, confirmed or cancelled if there're no person in the room.

  • Checkins: Host or any attendees can check in meeting and confirm start. If meeting is not checked in, you can configure it to be released after certain amount of time.

  • Smart Meeting Room Display: Smart Meeting Room Display is a device that uses color to indicate room availability. You can choose to have LED color coded lighting for better visibility or a normal tablet. Every Display is linked to one room. Employees can book, check in, extend or cancel meeting on the interactive tablet.

  • Service Requests and Service Orders: Employees can make service requests to report issues, or make service orders for F&B services from mobile app or Smart Meeting Room Display.

  • Booking Privacy and Permissions: Employees can make the reservation as private, which will not display meeting subject, host and attendee information to non-attendees. Administrators can also configure booking permissions for each room so not everyone can book the room.

  • Analytics: Rooms have the complete comprehensive analytics dashboard and is updated at real time. Analytics include Reservation and Occupancy data, which gives you insights not only on how rooms are booked, but also how they're actually used.

Start using Room Booking

Rooms is easy to get started and offer a 30-day free trial. It takes minutes to manage your rooms like a pro:

  1. Sign up free trial if you haven't
  2. Create floors, and rooms following instructions.
  3. Link to Office 365, or Google Calendar based on which one you use. This step is optional.
  4. Start using Rooms