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Book Rooms

Follow the steps below to book room

Book Rooms on Portal

There are two ways to book a room on Portal:

Map View

  1. Click Home to view the floor map
  2. Change date and time if needed

picture 208

  1. Select a Green room
  2. Click Book Room to quickly book the room, or More Options to add more options.

picture 209

Calendar View

  1. Click Rooms > Book Room

  2. Select the room, optionally filtering by amenities. Drag the time you want to book a room.

picture 205

  1. Enter booking details and click OK to book:

picture 206

Private Meetings

If you check Mark the meeting as Private, your reservation details will not be shown to non-Administrators, including:

  • Meeting subject
  • Meeting host and attendees
  • Meeting department

Order Services

Click Service Orders buttons to add Service items such as F&B services to your booking.

Recurrent Bookings

Click Recurrence to set up recurrent bookings:

picture 207