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Release Notes

Mar 15,2024​

  • 🚀 [Feature] In Wox, when authorizing Office 365, you can flexibly select the specific fields for Wox to synchronize with Office 365 meetings to prevent the leakage of your privacy information and eliminate unnecessary security hazards.

    图 20

Mar 8,2024​

  • 🚀 [Feature] Add Spanish to enrich the variety of languages;

    图 16

  • 🚀 [Feature] Add private reservation settings for meeting rooms and workstations. Administrators can turn off private reservations globally.

    图 17
    图 18

  • 🚀 [Feature] The number of days in advance that the meeting room can be booked has been extended from 90 to 365 days, providing you with more choices;

  • 🚀 [Feature] The date format has been modified to DD-MM-YYYY according to language conventions;

    图 19

  • 🛠️ [Fix] Fix known bugs;

Feb 28,2024​

  • 🌟 [Feature] Log in to Microsoft and Google using SSO,providing more options for login methods;

    图 8

  • 🌟 [Feature] By adding express delivery statistics, you can view some basic data about express delivery statistics. At the spatial or branch level, you can also view it from different dimensions. For example, at the spatial level, you can view the newly added express delivery data of each branch, and the branch is based on the newly added data in the past thirty days for statistics; 图 10

  • 🌟 [Feature] Add a meeting room check-in function, which allows for early termination of meetings through check-in. To prevent resource waste, it allows others to have more booking opportunities!

  • 🌟 [Feature] Add editing function to meeting reservation information. After the reservation is completed, you can also edit and modify the meeting theme, meeting time, attendees, and other information;

  • 🌟 [Feature] Check the location of employees and quickly locate them on the map by clicking on them. You can easily grasp their location and find them more easily!

  • 🌟 [Feature] Adding editing and deleting functions to workstations and zones allows you to flexibly edit the zones and workstations within the floor, making the office more "fresh";

  • 🌟 [Feature] Adding email queries to the employee list to enrich search criteria;

  • 🛠️ [Fix] Improve product experience, optimize application performance, and solve known bugs;

Jan 2, 2024​

  • 🌟 [Feature] Sign in with Microsoft using SSO.

Dec 13, 2023​

  • 🌟 [Feature] Delivery tracking! Employees can be notified when there's a delivery.

    picture 2

  • 🌟 [Feature] Book multiple days at once

    picture 1

Dec 5, 2023​

  • 🌟 [Feature] Webhook API is now available to Premium and Enterprise customers!

    picture 0

  • 🛠️ [Fix] desk reservations cancelled immediately