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Visitor Logs

Visitor logs lists all visitors for today. Visitor logs shows all sign-ins visitors. If a visitor is a no-show, it doesn't show up on visitor logs.

  • Employees can view their visitor logs, sign in and sign out their visitors
  • An assistant can view their executives' visit logs and sign in and sign out visitors for them.
  • Administrators or Receptions can manage all visitor logs

Why Visitor Logs

Visitor logs are the records for every visitor who have physically visited your workplace. It helps administrators to easily search visitor information, or export logs for compliance requirements.

View Visitor Sign ins

On the top of logs, it displays a summary of visitors for today, including total sign-ins, total invites (expected visitors), total sign-outs, and currently in location, which is total sign-ins subtract total sign-outs.

You may search visitors by entering their name, email or phone. To view visitors on other dates, change the date picker.

picture 13

Click View button to view specific visitor details.

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Sign in and Sign out

If a visitor has signed in or out, the time is displayed on Signed in and Signed out columns. If not, click Sign in and Sign out button when you need. Click the View button to view visitor details.

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Currently in location

If a visitor is signed in, but not signed out, it is regarded that visitor is still in the workplace. It is convenient to use this method to find out information of all currently on-site visitors, for example, during fire drills or emergencies.

Sign in Visitors

Administrators and Receptions can use management portal to sign in visitors from Visitor Logs page. Host employees can also sign in and out their visitors there.

Pre-registered Visitors

If a visitor is pre-registered, a one-time Visitor Code is provied to allow quick sign-ins. Ask visitor for the code on their invitation, click Sign in Visitor with Code button, and enter the code to sign in the visitor.

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New visitors

If a visitor hasn't filled in pre-registration form, Administrators or Receptions can click +New Visitor button to add a new visitor and sign in at the same time.


Visitor logs is for visitors who are at the workplace. If you'd like to pre-register a visitor for future visits, use Invitations.

See Visitor Form for how to fill in visitor information.