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Visitor Form

Visitor form is the pre-registration form for visiting visitors. Clicking "New Visitor" on "Visitor logs" or "Invitations" to start.

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Fill in information

  1. Select Visitor Type

Select the type of visitor. Questionnaire may change based on the type of visitor.

  1. Select Visitor Time and Duration

  2. Select Host. Administrator can select any employees as host. Normal employees can only select themselves or their executives (as assistant) as host.

  3. Enter Visitor's Name.

If a visitor is a frequent visitor, employees can use Address Book to save their contact details and reuse it later. To select a visitor from Address Book, click "Address Book" button.

  1. Enter Visitor's Email, Phone, Company etc. based on type of visitor.
  1. Check if a visitor is VIP guest. A VIP guest gets a special sign besides their name on visitor logs, indicating their importance.

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  1. If the visitor type supports Group visit, Select number of Additional Visitors.
  1. Enter some notes about the visitor. Notes are only visible to host employees and administrators.
  1. If visitor signs in, Set visitor sign in time. Default is current time.

Recurrent visitors

If a visitor is recurring, set recurrence schedule. A recurrent visit will automatically create a new visit on each recurring day, and mark it as approved.

Reserve desks or rooms

If you are inviting a visitor for a meeting, you may reserve a meeting room or a desk for the visitor. Once reserved, the room and desk information will be shown to visitors, allowing them to find ways to room and desk after sign-in.


Room and Desk booking requires ROOMS and DESKS licenses.