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Visitor Experience

Visitors is an advanced application to improve visitor experience greatly.

  • Automatic host notifications: no more calling or messaging for your receptionist to your employees to verify or remind them when their visitors arrive. Visitors sends a simple and automatic notification via their preferred notification method.
  • Easy registration: Visitors can prefill registration form and sign in in one click.
  • Visitor guides: All information visitors need is provided and sent to them.

How employees use Visitors

Below is a description of how your employees may use Visitors to improve visitor invitation workflow.


Employees have the following permissions when using Portal or App:

  • Create and manage their own visitors
  • Sign in and sign out their own visitors
  • Set their notification preferences

Employees will not have the following permissions:

  • Create invitations for others
  • View or Manage other employees' visitors
  • Manage visitor tablets, settings and analytics


Assistants have the permissions to view and manage visitors for their executives.

How visitors use Visitors

Visitors can pre-register themselves, sign in and sign out using Visitor Tablet


Visitors cannot sign in Portal or App. They use a web-based interface which doesn't require any downloads.

Visitors have the following permissions when using Visitor Tablet or web-based invitation form:

  • View and update their registration information
  • Sign in and sign out themselves. If there're additional required information, or approval process, they will be prompted to wait for receptionist.
  • Receive an optional visitor survey and rate their visit experience.