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Wifi Connectivity Problems

Although most hardwares can work offline for a short time period, it is essential for smart devices to be kept online. WIFI network connectivity is a frequent issue that may cause devices malfunctioning.

Determine the network is connected

WOX devices can automatically detect if the device is connected to internet. If it is not connected for an extended period (such as 5 minutes), a red alert is displayed on the device.

Set up dedicated network address

It is strongly recommended to assign a fixed IP address to devices on your WIFI network. Talk to your IT administrators on how to set it up on your office router.

Also use a separate network instead of a common network SSID used by other services and people may help.

Measure WIFI signal strength is strong. If not, try installing additional routers or APs closer to the device.

Check network frequency

Try both 2.4GHz and 5GHz to determine which one is steadier. It varies on environment and router models.

Use only primary network

If you have connected your device to multiple networks, try "forgetting" other networks than the primary.

Go to Settings > WIFI networks menu, tap the network to 'forget'.

Upgrade Devices OS

If your devices are on older version of OS, it may help to upgrade to a newer version, as sometimes the old OS has known issues with WIFI connectivity.


It is strongly recommended to use a wired network with dedicated IP address to better ensure network is always connected.