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Service Orders

Service Orders are additional service items users can order when booking a room, such as F&B services, IT equipments or any other services that can be provided.

How employees make an Order


When employee books a meeting, if Service Ordering is enabled, she can book service items at the same time:

picture 157

Click New Service Order to add service items to the booking:

picture 158

Select service item and set quantities and then click OK

picture 159

After meeting is booked, a Service Order is created.

Notifications to Admin

When a service order is booked, a notification is sent to Admin. You can customize whether to send notification and which role to send the notification to.

Click Rooms > Settings > Notifications:

picture 160

Click Save


All users with the selected role will receive notifications. You can create a custom role for notification if needed.

Process Service Orders

Administrators can view all pending and processed orders, and accept or cancel service orders. To process service orders, go to Rooms > Services > Service Orders

Select All, Processing, Completed, Rejected status to view only orders with the status.

To complete or reject a processing service order, click the dropdown and select the action:

Export Service Orders

Click Export button to export orders.

picture 161

Edit service items

Service Items are the items available for ordering. Administrators have the permissions to edit service items.

Click Rooms > Services > Service Items to add, delete and modify Service Items.

picture 156

Click Deactivate switch to turn off service items for ordering. It won't affect existing orders.