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Office 365

After linking with Microsoft Office 365, employees can book rooms on Office 365 or on WOX.

  • When booking a meeting with Outlook on Office 365, employees can select a meeting room as Location. When the meeting is reserved, the room is automatically booked on WOX.
  • When booking a room on WOX, using Portal, App or Smart Meeting Room Display, the room resource is automatically marked as reserved in Office 365.

With Office 365 integration, meeting booking and room booking are done in one step.

There are two ways to link resources in WOX with Office 365:

  1. Enterprise Application: Installing WOX as an Azure Enterprise Application. This is recommended future-proof way.
  2. Service Account: Installing WOX using a Service Account. This is similar to traditional Exchange Service Account.

Enterprise Application

Azure Enterprise Application is a simple and secure way to set up WOX as an Office 365 application. Once set up, there is no future maintenance when adding new rooms.


Enterprise Application method is the recommended way to instsall WOX on Office 365.

  • Azure Global Administrator account privilege is required during setup.
  • After linking Office 365, Global Administrator privilege is never required anymore. If you're concerned, you may create a temporary Global Administrator account for setup, and delete the account after linking.
  • Microsoft Graph is used for synchronnization. To synchronize calendars, permissions to view and edit user Calendar is required. WOX only needs to read room resource calendars, not employee calendars. If you're concerned that employee calendars might be accessed, you can do additional setup to restrict WOX from reading them.

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Service Account

Exchange synchronization uses Service Account method. If your company is familiar with this method, or it follows your IT guidelines, you may want to use Service Account method. To do this, first create a Service Account which has Delegate permission to view or book room resources.

If you add new resources in future, you may need to repeat the procedure for the new resources.


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