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Microsoft Teams

You can set up Microsoft Teams to allow employees to book a room directly in Teams. Once setup, bookings are synchronized automatically between Teams, Outlook and WOX!

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Teams Integration requires WOX Premium or Enterprise Plan

Add Rooms to Room list

In order to allow add meeting rooms as locations in Microsoft Teams, the rooms need to be added to Room List first. Unfortunately, this currently can only be accomplished using Microsoft Powershell script.


  • WOX Premium or Enterprise Plan
  • Microsoft Powershell
  • Microsoft Office 365 Administrator account
  • List of rooms you'd like to make available on Microsoft Teams. Add them as Resources in Office 365

Set up Room list

  1. If you have not installed powershell (which is available by default on Windows, but need installation on Mac OS X), install it first:

  2. Run Powershell using elevated permissions:

    If you're on Mac OS X, open a terminal, and type

    sudo pwsh

    Enter your local password to continue.

  3. In Powershell, execute the following commands:

  • 3.1 If you're on Windows, first execute the following commands. Skip this if you are on Mac or Linux.

    Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  • 3.2 Install ExchangeOnlineModule

    Import-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement

    Then Connect to Exchange Online:


    A window will pop up to ask for your login. Use Microsoft Office 365 Administrator account to login. After login, you can close the pop up window.

  • 3.3 Create Room List

    New-DistributionGroup -Name "MS Teams meeting room" -RoomList

    You can change the room list name as you like.

  • 3.4 Add rooms to list

    Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity "MS Teams Roomlist" -Member "Room 1"

    The member name can be the name of your room (as in Resources list in Exchange Admin) or its email address.

    Continue adding other rooms.

  • 3.5 Check if rooms are added

    The following commands return all rooms added in room list:

    Get-Mailbox -Filter '(RecipientTypeDetails -eq "RoomMailBox")'

    You can also choose to add more than one room list. Use the following command to check room lists:

    Get-DistributionGroup -RecipientTypeDetails RoomList

Congrats! Now you can select the rooms in Microsoft Teams and their bookings are synchronized with WOX.