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Outlook Addin

WOX Room Finder is an Outlook Addin through which you can search and book rooms, invite other employees。WOX Room Finder is displayed as Sidebar in Outlook.

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Room Finder is compatible with Outlook App,Microsoft 365 Web Portal。

Installing Outlook Addin

Room Finder can be installed using manifest file

  • Install Addin as Administrator for all employees, or as an employee for just yourself

  • Link Room Resources before using Addin

  1. Login Outlook as Administrator, click Admin

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  1. Click “Settings > Add-ins > Deploy Addin**

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  1. Select Upload custom apps

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  1. Select Choose File, Upload manifest.xml

  2. Select users for this addin,default is Everyone,Select Deployment Method as Fixed(Default), Click Deploy

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  1. Finish Deployment

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