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Managing Rooms

Administrators can create rooms and manage its settings. Click Rooms > Rooms to add, delete or update rooms.

By default the rooms are displayed as Cards

picture 55

Rooms on all floors are displayed. Select floor on the left to view only rooms on that floor.

List View

Click List View to view rooms as a list

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Administrators and all employees can view rooms. But employees don't have permissions to edit rooms or change their settings.

What employees can do with Rooms

  • View Room size, capacity, floor and general information such as Open Hours, Reservation rules, notices and devices
  • Favorite rooms. Favorited rooms are displayed on their mobile app homepage for quick booking.

What employees cannot do with Rooms

  • Add, delete or edit rooms and its settings or devices
  • Change the order Rooms are displayed. Administrators can put some rooms on top of list for ordering.
  • Export rooms

Export Rooms

Administrators can click Export button to export rooms as a file.

Room Details

Click on a room card to see details of the room

picture 56

Size and Capacity

Room size is the physical area it occupies. Room Capacity is how many people the room can hold. When searching for a room, users can filter rooms by its capacity.

picture 61


You can set the size unit to Square Meters or Square Feet in Location Level > Settings > Settings

Room photos

Uploading a photo of room makes it easier for users to find their familiar room.

Disable a room

If you don't want users to book a room, but still want to keep its bookings data, you can disable a room:

  1. Go to the Room detail page
  2. Click "Edit" button on the top right

picture 58

  1. Check "Disable" option and click Save.

picture 59

If disabled, an alert message is shown on the room page.

picture 60

The room will not be shown to users in lists and search results. No further bookings are allowed. If you want to resume booking, simply uncheck the Disable option and save again.