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Room Calendar

Administrators can use Room calendar to view and manage room reservations. Administrators can also book rooms for employees.


What Employees can do with Calendar

  • Create, cancel, terminate or update their own meetings
  • View rooms schedules and other's reservations

What Employees cannot do with Calendar

  • Cancel, terminate or modify others' reservations
  • View private meetings to which the employee is not an attendee


Assistants have permissions to manage their executives reservations.


Calendar has Day View, Work Week View and Week View. Click the tab above the calendar to switch views.

Day View

picture 74

Work Week View

picture 75

Week View

picture 76

First Day of Week

Administrators can set first day of week for each location. Calendar will use the setting when displaying Week or Work Week View.

To set first day of week for location:

  1. Go to "Settings" > "Settings"
  2. Choose "First Day of Week", such as Monday or Sunday.

Once saved, go back to calendar page and it should be reflected immediately.


Calendar guesses user's preferred timezone based on browser location. It could be different from where the location is. For example, an employee whose location is New York might need to book a room when he's travelling to Singapore. If desired, user can change timezone on calendar.

picture 77


Open Hours is always defined based on Location's timezone. You may configure location timezone in its settings.