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Map Properties

There are some global map properties that you can adjust based on your map background. To edit properties, click on an empty space (that is, not on desks, areas, rooms or other facilities). On the right side of the Map Editor, a Map Properties panel is displayed.

picture 22

Background Image

On the top is the editor to change or delete map background.

Background Opacity

You can adjust background opacity so resources stand out. 0% Opacity means the background image is completely invisible. 100% Opacity means the background image is shown as is.

Wall Width

Set the width of wall. Wall is used for display only.

picture 23

Desk Size

Desk is indicated with a circle. The size of circle is adjusted using this setting. Set it so it matches the desk size on the background image.


Desk circle is responsive on Map, which means the actual size changes according to the zoom level of the Map, so it will match the position and boundary of the background image perfectly.

Below are examples of different desk sizes:

  • Desk Size = 20

picture 6

  • Desk Size = 30

picture 7