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About Maps

Floor map is a great way to visualize and use resources. Use our interactive map editor to manage your floor maps.

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WOX offers an intuitive Map editor that makes managing your workplace a lot easier and more powerful. With Maps you can:

  1. View all desks, rooms and amenities
  2. Book desks or rooms in a few simple clicks
  3. Find desks and rooms using map
  4. Guide your visitors to their desks or rooms easily
  5. View space analytics on top of map

How do I use Maps?

Maps come with every subscription. It is simple and intuitive to start using maps.

  1. First of all, if you have a floor map photo, usually in JPG or PNG format, you can upload it. If you have a CAD file, you can export it to JPG or PNG file first. Even if you don't have a map, you can still use our editor.

  2. Start with our Map Editor to add desks and rooms to map. Map Editor has a lot of features to help you place and align resources close to the physical setups.

  3. Once you placed desks and rooms, you can assign employees to permanent desks, or manage flexible desks and rooms booking on homepage.

  4. Visualize space usage using map analytics.