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Assign Desks

If you have desk assignment permissions, you can assign desks to employees. Go to Desks > Assignments to manage assignments.


Assignments are published live. It is suggested not editing assignments when the desks are being actively used.

Desk Types

Desks are displayed based on their types. There are three types of desks in our system:

  • Permanent
  • Hoteling
  • Hot

Only Permanent desks are assignable. Hoteling and Hot desks are for booking only.

In Assignments map, desks are colored based on their desk types and assignments:

  • Green: permanent desks that waits to be assigned
  • Gray: desks that are not assignable, either because it is disabled, or it's not permanent desk type.
  • Blue: currently selected desk

If a permanent desk has been assigned to an employee, the employee's avatar is shown on the desk.

Assign Desks

On the left panel is the list of all users, grouped by the floor they're assigned to.

  1. A user may be assigned to multiple desks.
  2. If a user is not assigned to any desks, they're grouped into Users with no Desks

Assign by Drag and Drop

To assign a desk to a user, drag the user on the left panel and drop on a Green desk.


To unassign a user's desk, hover mouse over the user's name, click on the Unlink button

picture 27

Assignment Permissions

Desks can be configured to be assignable to employees within certain departments or user groups.

If you drop an employee to a desk that it's not assignable, an error will be displayed:

picture 28


Desks can be assigned to a department. Then the Administrator of the department has permissions to manage desks belonged to the department. In this way, assignment can be collaborated across the departments.

Assign Department Administrator

To assign an Administrator to a department, go to Space Level > People. Expand the department tree to find the department you want to edit, click Edit button:

picture 29

Search and assign one or more users as the Department Administrator:

picture 30

Department Administrator can only assign desks belonging to the department.

Desk Belongment

Desks are grouped into Desk Groups. Desk group can be assigned to a department. Only the Department Administrator of the department can assign these desks.

To edit desk group department, go to Location Level > Desks > Desk Groups

picture 31

Click the Desk Group then click Edit button

picture 32

Select a department for Department belonged. A desk group can only belong to at most one department. If no department is set, the desk group can only be managed to Location Administrator.


In Desk Group properties, Department allowed indicates the desks in the group is available for booking for employees in the given departments. Department allowed is different from Department allowed, it can have multiple departments.