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Security configurations

Some organization may have additional security configuration. Talk to your IT department with the following information and ask them to set up firewalls


Becuase WOX mostly rely on browser to work, usually it is not necessary to configure the settings below. If you can access Wox Portal, you can skip the steps on this page and start playing WOX. Consult with your IT department with the information below later when you'd like to ensure security.

Firewall Configuraiton

WOX uses HTTPS to communicate between browser and our server. Below is a list of our URLs and ports used for firewall configuration.

Portal and Mobile App

ApplicabilityPortIPURL DomainProtocol
AlwaysOutbound TCP 80 (optional)*.woxday.comHTTP
AlwaysOutbound TCP 44320.245.37.83*.woxday.comHTTPS

Smart Hardwares

If you are using smart hardwares such as Smart Meeting Room Display, Visitor Tablet, there're some additional network settings:

AlwaysOutbound UDP 123depends on hardwareNTP
AlwaysOutbound TCP 8883 (optional)*.azure-devices.netMQTT
AlwaysOutbound TCP 443*.azure-devices.netMQTT over WebSocket

IP Addresses

WOX uses the following IP addresses which need to be whitelisted:

Whitelist Domains

If you desire, you can whitelist the domains WOX and third-party services WOX rely on for additional security:


Email Spamming Whitelist

WOX sends supports emails to Administrators and Employees using domain.

Congrats! You're set to go

Now that you have completed your setup, you can start booking resources or invite visitors now!

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