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Quick Start

Learn about basic concepts to have a quick understanding of how WOX works and then create your first location.

Space and Locations

WOX uses Space and Location to manage distributed office sites.

  • Space is everything your account uses.
  • Location is a standalone office building or site. If you have multiple office sites, you can create a location for each site.

A Space can contain as many locations as you want. There are no limit to how many locations you can create. You can model each building site of your office as a Location.

Space has roles such as Super administrator, Space Administrator and space-level roles such as Billing. Each location has their own roles, such as Location Manager, Location Operator etc. Location roles can only manage resources within the location. Location can also set rules and settings for all resources in the location.

You can also group multiple locations into Campus for organizing locations. A campus is just a group of locations, and doesn't have its own roles, permissions or settings.

Space Hierarchy

All resources such as desks, rooms and areas are managed in the hierarchy below:

  • Space
    • Campus (optional)
      • Location
        • Floor
          • Area/Room
            • Desk


  • Space: The top-level entity that contains everything within an account
  • Campus: A group of locations. This is optional.
  • Location: Essential. Usually a Location is a standalone building
  • Floor: Each location has one or many floors. All resources must belong to a floor.
  • Area: A geographical zone within a location. A special type of area is Meeting Room, which is reservable.
  • Desk: A desk, which may or may not be associated with an area it is physically within. Using a containing area (called Neighborhood Area) helps identify desks that are nearby each other.

Users and Roles

Users in WOX system can have different roles. Normal employees can use the system but don't have permissions to manage and configure the system. Administrators and other management roles have permissions to manage resources, locations and space based on their settings.

WOX creates several roles . These roles are called System Roles.

  • User: user are assigned to a desk. Or user can book desks.
  • If a location is deleted, all areas, and desks are not available anymore.
  • A user needs to be assigned to a location first before the person can use areas or desks within the location. Otherwise, the person is considered to be a visitor.

Quick Start Checklist

Below is an example checklist that quickly get you started:

  1. Start by creating locations. Usually you create as many locations as physical buildings.
  2. Create floors for each location. It's suggested to upload floor map images at the same time, but you can always do it later.
  3. Use Map Editor to add meeting rooms, areas, or desks.
  4. Import users using Excel or set up directory synchronization for Azure, Google Workspace, Okta, or Onelogin etc.
  5. Add more management roles for space and each location.
  6. For Desks management, if there are a lot of desks, you may bulk upload them first and then link them on map using Map Editor. Create desk groups and assign their departments so they can be managed by Department Administrator.
  7. For Rooms management, create rooms using Map Editor and set booking rules.
  8. For Visitor management, adjust Visitor Types to configure sign in workflow.

Next, begin with creating our first location.