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Introduce WOX to employees

After you set up and are pleased with WOX, you're ready to introduce WOX to your employees.

Important Rules and Policies to consider

One of the most important things before you roll out WOX is configuring and communicating to your employees about the policies for resource booking or visitor signins. Here're a few questions you can start with:

  • When is your office open? Use [Time Mode] to set up open hours for your office
  • How long can they book a room or desk?
  • How far in advance can they book a room or desk?
  • Are there any specific desks or rooms that are only available to specific teams?
  • Do employees need to check in desks or rooms?
  • Who are the VIP employees who can ignore the policies?
  • Do you use Occupancy Sensors to automatically reclaim unused rooms and desks?

Send announcement emails to your team

Here's an example email that you can customize and send out to your team:

Hello Team:

We're introducing a new product called WOX to make our room and desk bookings easier.

Starting [Date],

In next few days, you will receive more thorough instructions and help sessions on how to use WOX on desktop, mobile apps and smart hardwares.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Have a nice day!

[Office Administrator Name]

Help Employees Navigate WOX

You can find more information to help you roll out WOX to employees:

  • [Quickstart Guide]
  • [User's Guides]