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How to use WOX

It is very easy to start using WOX.

What do I need to start

To begin with, you only need a desktop computer with modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Later you can download our mobile Apps, install smart apps on tablets or purchase peripheral hardwares for a better experience.


It helps if you have a floor map image of your office, but you can start without one.

Steps to set up WOX

  1. Sign up a free 14-day trial, no credit card required.

You can only use an organization email to sign up WOX. Commercial email providers such as Gmail or Hotmail are not allowed. Each email domain can only sign up trial once.

  1. Follow Setup Checklist after signing up.
  2. Set up smart hardwares such as Smart Meeting Room Display, Desk Panels, or Visitor Tablets


There are many ways to use WOX after setup:

  1. Web Portal

Your employees can use web portal to view floor maps, book desks, book rooms, invite visitors and more. It is the essential tool for everyday use. Administrators also use the web portal to configure the system.

Click here to use Portal

  1. Mobile Apps (iOS, Android)

Employees can use iOS or Android App to book desks, rooms or invite visitors.

  1. Integrated Client (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar)

WOX can be integrated with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace etc. Once set up, employees can use their favorite tools for using workplace resources as well. Check out our integrations guide for details.

  1. Smart Meeting Room Display and other hardwares

WOX smart hardware such as Smart Meeting Room Display, or Visitor Tablet is an app for pad that allows employees or visitors to use workplace resources on the spot.

Now, let us begin with Quick Start.