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Desk Types

Desks have three different types:

  • Permanent Desks: Permanent Desks are assigned to employees, they are not bookable.
  • Hoteling Desks: Hoteling Desks are bookable. Employees can book the desk for a specified time range.
  • Hot Desks: Hot Desks are bookable, but only on a first-come-first-go basis. Hot Desks don't have end time. They must be released before being bookable again.

You may change desk types after creation. Beaware that there might be existing assignments or reservations on the desks, and they will be removed if desk types are changed.

Permanent Desks

  • Assigned to a specific employee for long term use. Non-bookable.

  • Allocated to a department and can be assigned by Department Administrators

  • Optionally can be released for a leave period and converted to bookable desks

Hoteling Desks

  • Bookable by employees for specific time range

  • Must be pre-booked including start and end time

  • Can be cancelled before use

Hot Desks

  • Bookable by employees on first-come-first-get basis

  • Cannot be pre-booked

  • No end time until released or the end of day