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Desk Records

Desk Records are desk usage data for all employees, which includes Hoteling and Hot desk booking as well as permanent desk assignment. It is a detailed log for how desks are used in the location.

Use Desk Records for:

  • Audit log of all office visits and desk usages
  • Contact tracing

Manage Desk Records

Go to Location Level > Desks > Records to view all desk uage records:

picture 174


On top of the Records page it displays a summary of records:

picture 175

  • Scheduled: number of people who are expected to come to office
  • Total Desks: total desks available, excluding disabled desks
  • Reserved: reserved desks
  • Signed in: desks that are checked in
  • Usage Rage: Signed in/Total Desks
  • Sharing Rate: Scheduled/Total Desks. The higher sharing rate, the higher people/desk ratio.
  • By default it shows records for current day. Select a different date range to view records during the range.
  • Search user's records by entering name
  • Search work status

Export Desk Records

Click Export button to export records in Excel format.

picture 176